Work In Progress (WIP)

Check out the ‘ART – WIP’ highlight on my Instagram profile. There you will be able to find snippets of things I’m working on. The highlight is constantly updated but the video in this post is what’s featured to date. #crystalimanworks #wip  

Portrait Sessions

  I wanted to capture these concepts for a while. Many thanks to the lovely ladies that agreed to work with me on this project. I’m looking forward to creating more in this direction with photography/video.            


I’ve been incorporating cowrie shells and gold cuffs into my hairstyles lately. In my opinion, not only are the shells beautiful but they play a fascinating role in our history. Did you know that cowrie shells are considered to represent womanhood and fertility because of their vulva shape? They are also viewed as symbols ofContinue reading “Details”

While Waiting

I’m currently in the process of creating my home office/studio space. Until everything is complete, I’m pretty much without the ability to paint or be as free as I would like to be creatively. The following sketches were done during my lunch break with a no.2 pencil and copy paper. I’m definitely anxious to do more. TheContinue reading “While Waiting”

Free Printable Coloring Pages

Pull your crayons or markers out and have art time with your little one! I recently created a few coloring pages for my daughter, and I thought it would be cool to offer them to everyone here on my site. After all, sharing is caring.   Click Here to Download and/or Print Coloring Page 1Continue reading “Free Printable Coloring Pages”


A while ago I read a great quote, by Leonardo Da Vinci, that says, “…people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” There are numerous times that I’ve held myself back due to procrastination. It’s nobody’s fault but my own for not following throughContinue reading “Procrastination.”

Early Terrible Twos?

Ugh. It was bound to happen. Right?! She hasn’t always acted so defiant. Her falling and rolling on the floor in tears is the last thing I want to deal with. I think it’s time to show her who’s boss, because it’s definitely not her in her little 2T pants. I’m guessing that she’s hitContinue reading “Early Terrible Twos?”