The Icing on the Cake!

Birthday note to my daughter.

Kimani Lee —

It is amazing to see how much you and I have both grown in these past two years. You went from crawling to walking, to running and jumping, from baby cooing to formulating complete sentences. I have taken complete pride and joy in watching you grow.

I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world. God knew you were exactly what I needed.

Becoming your mother turned me into a real woman. So long are the days of “winging it” because I know you are here depending on me. You are my priority and never will I jeopardize our stability. You motivate me to work harder, so that I can afford to give you the finer things in life — much like my mother did for me.

With you as my motivation, I went from being a jobless new mom to working full-time and within less than a year granted a major promotion. I am positive that we will continue to see an increase in our home because I thoroughly believe that there is no limit to what God can do.

Honestly, I know this isn’t all me. This is God’s work. And seeing you smile today is the icing on the cake.

Cheers to being TWO!!! I love you.

– Mom


ice cream cake for the after party at home
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The Icing on the Cake!

Free Printable Coloring Pages

IMG_1432 (1)

Pull your crayons or markers out and have art time with your little one!

I recently created a few coloring pages for my daughter, and I thought it would be cool to offer them to everyone here on my site. After all, sharing is caring.



Click Here to Download and/or Print Coloring Page 1

Click Here to Download and/or Print Coloring Page 2

Free Printable Coloring Pages

Early Terrible Twos?


Ugh. It was bound to happen. Right?!

She hasn’t always acted so defiant.

Her falling and rolling on the floor in tears is the last thing I want to deal with.

I think it’s time to show her who’s boss, because it’s definitely not her in her little 2T pants.

I’m guessing that she’s hit her “Terrible Twos” and she’s not even two-years-old yet! But hey, 18-months is close enough.

Woosah! This behavior is considered normal.

My daughter Kimani Lee is at the age where she’s talking, but she can’t quite articulate everything she wants to say. Therefore, she gets frustrated with me when I don’t understand her.

But her screaming and crying…  No ma’am. Not today.

Honestly, I just think at times that she’s trying to test her limits, but Kimani needs to understand that my rules are to be followed.

I encourage exploration. I want Kimani to have fun while learning and further develop her imagination. But there are boundaries set for her protection. Even if it’s not safety related, there is a reason behind everything. I’m sure the lesson of “Mama knows best” will never get old in our household.

I have to put everything into perspective. She’s actively testing her newfound mobilities to navigate in this big world. And I will have to be consistent and remain patient, because this is common behavior for toddlers at this stage.

This is all part of her growing independence. My baby isn’t quite a baby anymore.

Thank you for reading. Please comment and share with your friends and family.

– Crystal Iman


Early Terrible Twos?